samedi 3 mai 2014

Islands in and near Colombo (draft article)

Inside and close to Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka, there are quite a number of small Islands.

Parliament of Sri Lanka
6.886921, 79.918936
Sri Lanka is probably the only country where the parliament is an island. The Parliament building occupy all the surface of this small and square sized island, linked to mainland by two bridges.

6.907712, 79.905935

Welikada East
6.909215, 79.904027

Diyawanna Residencies
6.907976, 79.903812

6.912489, 79.909390

Kumaragewatta group of islands:
from  6.875572; 79.933961 to 6.885951, 79.934055.
This is a group of 19 created islands located in Kumaragewatta lake. Some of the islands are rectangle shaped and cultivated.

Children parks (to be confirmed)
6.917782, 79.853280

“Car park island”
6.589489, 79.958946.
An unusual case of an island used to build a bridge.

Islands of Bolgoda lake

The distance to the Bolgoda Lake from Colombo is 35 km approximately. By car it takes 45 minutes from the Colombo city. The Bolgoda Lake opens into the sea via the Panadura estuary. Extent of the Bolgoda Lake is 400
During the Dutch Period (1 657-1796 AD), Bolgoda Lake was extensively used by the Dutch to ferry people and goods from the upper stream of Kalu Ganga, particularly, from Ratnapura District. The lake was utilized as a very popular mode of transport for timber from Sinharaja Forest areas, by log crafts. There are several islands on the lake, which were the resting places for these log craftsmen floated from the upper reaches of the river leading for many timber mills of Moratuwa. During the British Period, Bolgoda Lake was a famous hunting ground and place of recreation for the British adventurists who were stationed in the Colombo city.

Elusive island
6.767046, 79.903762

Island with unknown name
6.777599, 79.912723

Kaduruduwa island
large (500 m) very populated and with a bridge 6.756331, 79.895836
Penthouse club island Kahapola
6.756166, 79.924182
Club Penthouse Island Resort  is an ideal place for private parties, business conferences, /meetings/ cocktail parties/Wedding Receptions/Barbeque nights/ seminars/Workshop and holiday getaways. Spectacular views and exemplary service ensure that guests are treated to a memorable stay in the

Island with unknown name
6.761715, 79.918606

A place named Ruskin island
6.751853, 79.920277
This one is  no more an island...