jeudi 8 mai 2014

W-11-Erumaitivu Island n°2 in Puttalam Lagoon

Erumaitivu Island   
Sri Lanka, North Western Region, Puttalam, in Dutch Bay.

According to Wikipedia, thay are two "Erumaitivu Islands" in Sri Lanka. This one is uninhabited and covered mainly by mangroves. The last photo is to be checked, no coconut palms appear on the island when looking closely to the satellite image.

Latitude and longitude: 8.268611°: 79.778889°
(from Wikipedia)

Surface: 1.04  km2
Distance from mainland: 270 m

Interest for tourism: none
Interest for Polymotu project: +
Other conservation interest: unknown

Image Google Earth/Diversiflora

Sinhala name: Mahisadoova
Other names: unknown

Erumaitivu Island by Nikilo