jeudi 8 mai 2014

W-01-Ambanttativu island

Sri Lanka, North Western Region

Latitude and longitude: 8.211480°; 79.765936°
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Surface: 0.17 km2
Distance from mainland: 350 m

Interest for tourism: ++
Interest for Polymotu project: + (linked to the future tourism facilities)
Other conservation interest: unknown

Ambanttativu Island (Google Earth)
Sinhala name: Sambanda-doova. Meaning: 'Sambanda' (සම්බන්ධ) means attached or nearby in Sanskrit, Sinhala and absorbed into Tamil.
Other names: unknown
Located in Puttalam Lagoon, Ambanttativu is a small V-shaped island with an average elevation of only one meter below sea level, located at approximatively 350 m from mainland and 114 kilometers north of Colombo.
Mainland closed to the island is densely populated with 529 people per km2, but the island itself is still uninhabited. There is no agriculture on the island which is covered by wild mangroves and other associated forest. Flooding risk is medium, and so is the risk of cyclones hitting Ambanttativu island.
Ambanttativu Island is part of the post-war tourist development project: Sri Lankan government to lease out 10 more islands in the Kalpitiya area for tourism.

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