vendredi 23 mai 2014

E-63. Pannichankerni (not in Wikipedia list)


Latitude and longitude: °; °
(from Wikipedia)

Surface: km2
Distance from mainland: m

Interest for tourism:
Interest for Polymotu project:  (linked to the future tourism facilities)
Other conservation interest: unknown

Sinhala name: 
Other names: unknown

Latitude:   8.111114°
Longitude:  81.463407°

Added by RB, not in wiki list?
About 230 m East of mainland, 150 m wide and 250 m long

Suitability for Polymotu project: +++
Tourism interest: ++

Image Google Earth
Tsunami survivors get 3,000 transitional homes
More than 3,000 families made homeless in December’s devastating tsunami are a step closer to regaining a sense of normality in their lives after receiving transitional houses built by the International Organiation for Migration (IOM).The milestone was marked on August 23 in Vattavan and Pannichankerni in Batticaloa district on the east coast, hard hit by the towering waves that killed more than 30,000 in Sri Lanka.