lundi 30 juin 2014


Analativu Island in Northern Jaffna
Latitude and longitude: 9.667548° 79.774937°
Surface: 4.82 km2

Located in a group of seven islands; distance to mainland: 16.5 km; distance to nearby island: 2,4 km. It seems that the name of the Island come from a type of Yam, so it could be interesting to know more about this crop variety.

Interest for tourism: ++
Interest for Polymotu project: none
Other conservation interest: unknown, may be yam.

Note: The small elongated island located North East of Analativu Island could be suitable for Polymotu project devoted to cross-pollinating crops such as the coconut palm.

Sinhala name: Annaladoova.
Other names: Dutch: Rotterdam, Annelletivo.
Meaning: Tamil 'analai' has no clear meaning; 'tivu' in T, 'diva' in S, and 'dweepa' in Skrt. The Sinhalese 'annala', 'innala', or 'ran-ala' are types of yam. Hist: The form Annelletivo, is given in Dutch records.

Map of Analativu Island in Northern Jaffna