samedi 28 juin 2014

N-10-Erumaitivu Island in Northern Kilinochchi district

Erumaitivu Island in Northern Kilinochchi  
According to Wikipedia, there are two "Erumaituvu Islands" in Sri Lanka: This one is located in Northern Kilinochchi, and the other one is located in North Western Puttalam.

Latitude and longitude: 9.3375°; 80.055556°
(from Wikipedia)

Surface: 1.04 km2
Distance from mainland: 300 m

This island is unhinabited. Estimate terrain elevation is 7 metres above seal level. The island has a crescent shape of about 2.3 km long and 0.8 km large in the middle.

Interest for tourism: +
Interest for Polymotu project: +
(Part of the island could be used to conserve tree crop varieties, although distance from mainland is not sufficient to avoid pollen contamination and guarantee full reproductive isolation)
Other conservation interest: unknown

Sinhala name: Mahisadoova
Other names: Irreme tivu, Erumaitivu, Erumaitivu, Irreme tivu.

Erumaitivu Island, by Anton Kamilas