dimanche 29 juin 2014

N-06-Chirutivu (Sirutivu)

Chirutivu (Sirutivu) Island in Northern Jaffna
Latitude and longitude:   9.645260°;  80.007646°
(modified by RB from Wikipedia)

Surface: 0.09 km2
Distance from mainland: 350 m
The island’s dimensions are 1450m (l) by 370m (w) max.

Interest for Polymotu project: + (linked to the future tourism facilities)
Interest for tourism: ++
Other conservation interest: unknown

Located between Mandativu island and Jaffna Peninsula.

The company Lotus Leaf Properties has recently acquired the long-term lease of Chirutivu Island near Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Plans to develop the island into a luxury eco-tourism resort are currently being prepared based on findings from environmental and feasibility studies. Conservation of useful treecrops could be integrated in this project in the framework of a multidimensional landcape use approach.

Inside Chirutivu Island (picture from Lotus Leaf Properties)