dimanche 25 mai 2014

E-50. Puliyantivu

Puliyantivu     Eastern     Batticaloa     Manmunai North

There are two island named Puliyantivu in Sri Lanka, this one is in Batticaloa lagoon, the other one in Mannar or Jaffna

Lattitude:   7.709045°
Longitude:  81.694110°
(modified from WIki)

Turtle shaped Island, City island (Batticaloa city), Higly populated.

Sinhala: Kotidoova.

Latitude and longitude: °; °
(from Wikipedia)

Surface: km2
Distance from mainland: m

Interest for tourism:
Interest for Polymotu project:  (linked to the future tourism facilities)
Other conservation interest: unknown

Sinhala name: 
Other names: unknown