dimanche 27 juillet 2014

NW-52. Puliyantivu near Mannar island

Puliyantivu Island near Mannar island
There are three islands named 'Puliyantivu' in Sri lanka. This one is located betwen mainland and the Mannar island. The two other ones are located in Eastern Batticaloa and Northern Jaffna.

Latitude and longitude: 8.95528°N 79.90028°E
(from Wikipedia)

Surface: 0.90 km2
Distance from mainland: 1500 m

Puliyantivu is the second of the two islands linked by an old bridge who served to reach the largest Mannar Island by train . There are now another road and bridge to reach Mannar, and the other one is no more used. It seems that the old bridge is now broken at North of Puliyantivu Island. The island, square shaped, is approximatively 1500 m long and wide.

Kalliaditivu and  Puliyantivu islands near Mannar
This mangrove island is uninhabited and mainly frequented by fishermen. A visit up to the old broken bridge is recommend for those who have the time to do it (only about 3km of road to reach this place). The beach located at North-West, and especially the narrow sandy band between sea and lagoon, may also be nice to visit.
Old railway bridge and Puliyantivu Island by Asitha Perera
Interest for tourism: ++
Interest for Polymotu project: ++ (in the elevated areas of the island)
Other conservation interest: unknown

Sinhala name: Kotidoova
Other names: unknown