mercredi 30 juillet 2014

NW-20-Kalliaditivu island

Kalliaditivu island
Latitude and longitude:   8.945369°; 79.909805°
(modified by RB from Wikipedia)

Surface: 1.71 km2
Distance from mainland: 100 m

Kalliaditivu island is one of the two islands linked by an old railway bridge who served to reach the largest Mannar Island. There are now two roads and bridges to reach Mannar, and the other one is most frequently used. The island, rectangle shapted, is approximatively 2200 m long and 1000 m wide.

Kalliaditivu and  Puliyantivu islands
This mangrove island is uninhabited and mainly frequented by fishermen.

Interest for tourism: +
Interest for Polymotu project: +
Other conservation interest: unknown

Sinhala name: Galadi doova
Other names: unknown